Services Available

As our students accelerate their practice skills, they will have enough experience to begin dealing with actual clients. For a reduced price, you are welcome to be a part of the beginning stages of their career. Students must receive a certain amount of theory and practical exercises before allowed to practice on actual clients. With instructors at one’s disposal supervising the service and giving guidance when needed, as a client, you will leave with a well-executed service.

Our Services

  • Haircuts (Men & Women of all ages)
  • Shampoo & Conditioning (Hair Wash)
  • Hair & Scalp Treatment
  • Beard Shaves
  • Hair Designs
  • Nail Services (Acrylic, Powder dip, Manicure/Pedicure, Art & Design)
  • Waxing
  • Hair Extensions
  • Hair Color (All services from Highlights to Balayage Ombre)