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Become a licensed barber in as little as 5 months. Request information for the Restricted Barber program.

Become a licensed Nail Technician in 2 months. Request information for the Nail Technology program.

We have open enrollment for the following programs:

  • Barber Stylist (1200 Hours/10-Months - Financial Aid is Available)
    • Undergoing program modification: 1200hrs to 900hrs. 
    • Currently Not Enrolling
  • Restricted Barber (600 Hours/5-Months - Financial Aid is Available)
  • Nail Technology (240 Hours/2-Months - No Financial Aid - Payment Plan Available)


Contact Information

Phone Number: (863) 241-0287

Fax Number: (863) 241-0287


Address: 820 Eagle Ridge Dr. Suite 346, Lake Wales, FL 33859


What are the requirements needed to attend the academy?  Click here to Go to the Admission and Aid page for information.

How much are the program's tuitions? contact us for price and details at 863-241-0287.

How to Apply for Financial Aid? Go to the Financial Aid website and click on Start Here to start your free application form.

How long do the programs take?               

    • Barber Stylist and Cosmetology 10-12 months
    • Nail Technician 2 months
    • Restricted Barber 5 months

What are the hours and classes? Classes are Monday to Friday from 9 am-4 pm for full-time students.

How do I enroll in the academy? Set up an enrollment appointment at 863-241-0287.